Designed by Legends Of Africa

At Autabib Safari Lodge we offer relaxing game drives as well as romantic sundowner game
drives,with the sun's last rays kissing your face.Night game drives can be offered on request,
offering you nocturnal animal views. For the active holiday adventurer, there are many walking
trails to enjoy. You will see an abundant variety of birds and mammals including giraffe, eland,
oryx, kudu,waterbuck, smallantelope, warthogs and many more.

Seeking more adrenaline? Gert is a licensed pilot who will take you on a Gyro helicopter flip
of a lifetime. For the cat lover there are Cheetahs ,who will fixate you with their hypnotising
golden stare and will never allow you to forget them. You can experience their tameness
when watching them being fed at the main farmhouse.

At Autabib you will be greeted by a picturesque African setting with the adventure
that accompanies it...

Jacomi Niehaus
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